We hope that you never have to file a claim, but if you do here’s what you need to know:
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If you need claims assistance, please give us a call. Our information can be found in your welcome package. In addition, our contact information is listed below.

Take your vehicle to a licensed repair shop

Your repair facility will determine the cause of failure and contact us in advance of starting the repair work.

Rest easy

We will pay the repair facility directly for all covered repairs outlined in and subject to the terms of your vehicle service contract (less the deductible). Getting your car back on the road and keeping your money in your pocket.

US Car Protection is here to help answer any questions you have about your policy or claims processes.    
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Filing a claim for a vehicle repair is generally not very high on the list of fun things to do, which is why we put a premium on quick and helpful customer service. We aim to be as efficient as possible, and have an average call wait time of less than 60 seconds to prove it! Plus, we’re very proud to boast that nearly 80% of our claims are adjudicated within the first hour of being initiated. All this means you’re going to spend less time dealing with car troubles!

With an average tenure of 10 years, our Claims team knows how to work quickly with fast turnaround times. Many claims are paid the same day, sometimes within 90 minutes of being submitted. And if you’re ever not satisfied with your claim or your experience, we have a dedicated Customer Service Department ready to listen.

Why Choose US Car Protection?

Short Wait Times Icon Short Wait Times
Dedicated Customer Service Team
80% of Claims Determined Within 1 Hour
Claims Paid Fast Same-Day Claims Payment