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The Lincoln brand represents the luxury division of the Ford Motor Company, which was launched in 1917. It’s most recognized by the curated experience it provides its consumer using modern technology and offering advanced services. As of 2016, the Lincoln Motor Company became the official sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys, teaming up to create an exclusive partnership reaching a high-end level of clientele.

Typically, a Lincoln warranty for a new car covers the first 4 years or 50,000 miles with bumper-to-bumper coverage or 5 years and 70,000 miles under a powertrain warranty. They are categorized by the model and year of the vehicle; different options may apply for different models.

Vehicle owners with a Lincoln certified pre-owned warranty are covered for 6 years or 100,000 miles in comprehensive coverage; plus, receive a 200-point inspection. With any type of vehicle repair coverage, not all parts may be contracted in the event of mechanical failure. In addition, with the longevity of more modern vehicles, the life of a car is outpacing its warranty coverage leaving drivers without protection.

Average Repair Costs for Lincoln Vehicles

Below is a sample of the type of common replacement parts and costs for a Lincoln vehicle. While these are estimates, it highlights a general idea of the expenses drivers may owe if not properly covered. Once a person’s original manufacturer warranty has expired, he or she may be forced to pay out of pocket for any vehicle repairs.

A vehicle service contract (f/k/a an extended warranty) helps protect vehicle owners avoid lapsed coverage. It provides a way for people to maintain a budget while still being able to afford costly repairs such as the ones shown in the chart.

While Lincoln warranties provide adequate coverage for its vehicles, there is a limit to when they are good for. The need for extended coverage comes into play beyond those first few years.

Water pump replacement$199 to $2,047
Head gasket(s) replacement$1,333 to $4,789
AC compressor replacement$439 to $1,305
Fuel pump replacement$338 to $997

Choosing a Vehicle Service Plan

Our policies provide benefits that include roadside assistance, complimentary towing services, and a virtually stress-free claims process. You can choose from different levels of coverage based on the needs of your vehicle and customize your plan to suit what’s best for the long-term.

If you’ve never considered a vehicle service contract (f/k/a an extended warranty), think about the value of having it next time your vehicle is in need of repair. Rather than be responsible for paying hundreds, and potentially thousands, of dollars in unexpected costs, you have a plan in place to take care of the expense for many major parts.

How many miles do you put on your car a month? A year? Those miles add up to serious wear and tear on your vehicle. It’s only common for the daily use of our vehicles to lead to something more serious, which will require a trip to the repair shop. Protect yourself against the unforeseen costs that come with a breakdown or vehicle malfunction by ensuring your car has the coverage it needs.

*Estimates from Repairpal.com

*A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an “extended warranty,” but it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair and what is not.

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